It appears that hip-hop has completely changed from its original form back in the 80s. Or on the other hand maybe it hasn’t and it is just supporting the male hip-hop artists, from another angle. The lyrics are appearing to be too arrogant, bossy and most of all.. about material things, money etc. It is an industry that mainly pays attention to “i am the money maker”. Listen to most of hip-hop female artists at this point and you’ll realize within a minute that what interests them most (according to the lyrics) is how to be more bitchy and get more money! Awkward?

Let’s have a look to four bitches that are trying to make it big to the hip-hop game.

Azealia Banks : She is 26 yo from Harlem, NY and from early age she managed to have a record contract. Great voice, rapping skills but too rabelaisian on social media. It seems that her hate for almost everyone, didn’t get her where she wanted to be. Will she change her attitude in the future? That’s an unanswered question at this point. Listen to “212” her first major single, which put her in the game and is already considered a classic underground dance tune.


Leikeli47 :  Little is known about Leikeli47. She is a rapper from Brooklyn but no birth dates, name or face have been revealed till now. Only music. Her rapping sounds really good, reminiscence of another era of female hip-hop artists.


Lizzo : Melissa Jefferson is 29 y.o., grew up in Houston, Texas and moved later to Minneapolis, Minnesota where she is based at the moment.  She’s been in many hop-hop indie groups and since 2013 she’s trying to make it big in the business. Has already released 2 solo albums and an EP and her latest single is called ‘Truth Hurts’. But… i prefer this one , “Ain’t I”. Watch her on this live performance.


Cardi B : Belcalis Almanzar was born and raised in Bronx, NY and at the age of 24 has already managed to hit the No.1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 with “Bodak Yellow”, which some call “the rap anthem of the summer”. She started her career as a stripper, but her fame started to rise through her instagram account. If you’re wondering, she turned to cosmetic surgery, getting breast implants and buttock augmentation, so now many people compare her looks to Nicki Minaj. You can find many singles of her on youtube, but her major release is “Bodak Yellow” and everybody’s waiting for her first album to drop.


You can go to my Spotify page and check out this hip-hop “4” females playlist.