When the rhythm hits you, you can’t stop! When the queen of funk returns with a new banger, this is your summer jam!

Chaka Khan is back ladies & gentlemen and when she decides to drop a verse over a funk-driven beat, full of percussions on a bad-ass bassline, all we have to do is listen. Then all we have to do is dance (can you stand not dancing to this?)

One of my favorite singers of all time, with Grammys, millions records sold and a career in music that every female singer of the last decades would envy, is back with a new swing that sets the levels high for an underground summer jam of 2018. And i’m writing underground, because i don’t know if this one’s for the mainstream audience, but… this beat is growing so fast on you that it could be the beggining of a new era. ‘Like Sugar‘ is produced by Switch (Major Lazer member) and a new Chaka album is expected later this year.

Till then, turn the volume up and enjoy the funk on the Tune Of The Week.