Summer may be over, but not the music that we were listening to. There are some pop tunes that we can’t get enough of! They’ve been playing non-stop on my web radio playlists, on my cocktail dj sets, and since their release it’s like they were the powerplay of all. So , the power of 4 makes a perfect combination for this weeks’ tune! The tune of the week just became a foursome!

Lenny Kravitz “Low”

The man is back with his album “Raise Vibration” and during summertime he’s been teasing two different songs out of it. Well, “Low” definitely reminds me of the good old sound from Lenny, it’s powerful, it’s got sexy beats and moreover it’s got a Michael Jackson outtake used at the end of the refrain.


John Mayer “New Light”

John Mayer makes pure pop music. I mean in it’s purest form, simple lyrics, simple melody, soft, groovy. All of it combined, this sounds like pop music made in the 80s, but in 2018. John Mayer is the artist that loves making stories on instagram, so you can certainly have a laugh if you wanna follow him there.


Tamia “Leave It Smokin'”

She is mostly known for her R&B career through 00s. So, when i first played “Leave It Smokin'”, i wasn’t sure what i was about to listen to. This drum loop they used on production, combined with some mellow yet sexy chords and Tamia’s excellent r&b performance is a perfect smooth tune!


Mike Singer “Bella Ciao”

Mike Singer is a new pop artist from Germany … But are you watching La Casa de Papel” ?


Since i wasn’t writing on my blog during my summer vacation (everyone needs to get some rest right?) these tunes should deserve more listening to and definitely being a TOTW.