The Brothers gonna work it out! As they always do! After their performance in Athens, back in September, we were expecting the new album to drop. And it was about time they did! They’ve been teasing us with new singles ever since and some days ago they announced that ‘No Geography’ will get a proper release on April 12th. Their new single is ‘Got To Keep On’ and it’s a disco-feel , groovy, dancfloor anthem that can’t keep you at ease. It almost takes you back in a club era when music was different, crowd was free dancing. Like a capsule that contains 90s Reminiscence.

On the details of their new album, they write on the newsletter:

“At some point during the recording of No Geography, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons pushed the reset button. It began with the construction of a studio within a studio – a tiny makeshift room that housed the kind of kit they’d previously used to record the bulk of their first two albums; equipment that had sat gathering (freestyle) dust in Tom’s attic for the last twenty years. That experimental space offered a freedom and the chance to create music and tell their own story in a way they hadn’t done for years.

Wherever possible, things were done differently. Randomness and jagged edges were encouraged and songs were built around vocal samples; voices were wound tightly into music that Tom and Ed found themselves following wherever it led them. Snatches of dialogue from the late ’60s experimental Dial-A-Poem project were chosen that reflected the mood in the studio. Songs were road tested in front of audiences as part of the 2018 live set and honed in regular DJ sets the world over.” No Geography features the previously released tracks “Free Yourself” and “MAH” and the new single “Got To Keep On”. Several of the tracks on No Geography feature vocals by Norwegian singer/songwriter Aurora who wrote and recorded parts in the band’s studio in close collaboration with the band. Japanese rapper Nene also features on Eve of Destruction.

No Geography track list:

  1. Eve Of Destruction
  2. Bango
  3. No Geography
  4. Got To Keep On
  5. Gravity Drops
  6. The Universe Sent Me
  7. We’ve Got To Try
  8. Free Yourself
  9. MAH
  10. Catch Me I’m Falling

So… play that tune loud and get in the mood. “Got To Keep On” from Chemical Brothers is the tune of the week.