Let’s be honest with each other. I haven’t listened to St.Vincent’s music , till the Grammys. I knew the name, but it never occured to me to play one of her albums. Don’t ask me why. I now look down on my music library and realize that i definitely have to listen to all her discography. Let’s go to 2019.

Two days ago it was the Grammy’s night. And i watched the show, really liked and enjoyed some parts of it but what really hit me was the duet between St. Vincent and Dua Lipa. I mean, WOW! Sexiness all over. I told myself, what the fuck Nick, listen to some St.Vincent music. And so it hit me and i discovered after so many years, Annie Erin Clark known professionally as St. Vincent.

I won’t promote the Tune Of The Week myself. Read what she told Pitchfork back in October 10th, 2017, when she was interviewed about her release ‘Masseduction’ :

Why did this song end up being the album’s title track?

The thesis for the album very well could be a lyric from this song: “I can’t turn off what turns me on.” It was the last track to come together. The words to all the verses and everything just came out in a torrent, and I sent them to [producer] Jack [Antonoff]. I was like, “Is this too oblique?” Jack, who is the ultimate cheerleader, just said, “No, this is really interesting. Keep going.”

The robotic funk feel and general kinkiness of the song made me think of Prince—did you ever meet him?

I didn’t, but he did come to a show I played a few years ago.

Were you aware that he was there?

Yes, I was.

Did that affect you?

Yes, it did.

How so?

Thank god I was doing choreography in the show, because otherwise every thought would have been: What does Prince think of this?

Did you get any feedback from him?

My friend told me that he said he was going to steal one of my dance moves.

Now that i know … about Prince’s view of St.Vincent , i’m never gonna let another artist pass by, without listening a note. My mistake. Apologies!