Everybody’s Lost In Yesterday. The Tune Of The Week says it all. Tame Impala are back.

Tame Impala release their new album ‘The Slow Rush’ on February 14th. On Valentine’s Day we’re going to have the so-much-expected album after the amazing ‘Currents’ (released in 2015).

Their new single ‘Lost In Yesterday‘ apart from the great melody and lyrics, has a video that will blow your mind! It’s like going back to yesterday, seems to have been so much better. It’s like it’s taking you back in decades. Or Not? Just watch till the end.

This release put me in thoughts, with people having a vintage way of living, especially the last decade. Many of them are also promoting it on instagram. But it’s 2020 y’all. Live it! What’s vintage, remains vintage.

Kevin Parker delivers a pop gem in ‘Lost In Yesterday’ and he’s definitely gonna conquer 2020 with his new album. Enjoy the Tune Of The Week.

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