I Love The 80s
is a project i had in my mind for a long time! That was a decade full of school memories, when i started discovering music listening to the radio all day, going to the record shops as a youngster to discover their new releases, when i started making ‘the real’ mixtapes of my own. It was a decade that has probably changed the way that music is in today’s era.

This is not your average 80s mix that you probably kinda used to listening to, with the same tracks playing over and over (that some think of) defining the decade. This decade has some of the greatest gems, it has the birth of hip-hop, it’s got breakdance, it’s has disco pop, graffiti, heavy bass loops and some distorted beats on 808 that defined the whole music scene worldwide. It’s colourful, it’s full of dancing and full of sexy rhythm and lyrics.

Enjoy this mixtape full of 80s hits, as much as i enjoyed mixing it and selecting the tracks.