Tune Of The Week : “Little Something” by Melody Gardot & Sting

Autumn comes along with a release of a great tune. “Little Something” is a duet of Melody Gardot & Sting, available on Gardot’s album, set for release on October 23rd, under the title “Sunset In The Blue”.

Sting: This new song – co-written by my dear friend Dominic Miller – has a simple and infectious joy, and it was so much fun to trade vocals with the exquisite Melody Gardot  I hope you can hear the smile in our voices.”

Melody: “During these complicated times, collaboration is the only saving grace for us musicians. I was so surprised when Jen Jis came to me with this track, and then to find out it was a duet with Sting! While I recognise it is a big switch from my usual musical genre, I loved having the chance to challenge myself with something new….that’s what music is all about.”

I am playing this tune on repeat, it has a perfect melody, it’s about love, it’s about a new relationship, it’s about the end of summer and the start of Autumn for me. Enjoy “Little Something” loud! This is the Tune Of The Week.

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