The 50+1 hottest hits of Summer 2021. All in one Spotify list.

So, in the middle of the summer i decided to make a list. With the hits! And due to the circumstances of the coronavirus these last two years have been difficult to deliver real hits. When you’re not playing this music in front of a crowd clubs/ bars/ concerts etc. , you can’t really know what is happening. It seems that because of our digital world we have all we need (don’t we?)

But, this year has something great in music! Many artists during the pandemic released great songs or albums and we’ve listened to much of it. I mean the whole world, stayed indoors and was watching videos, concerts, listening to music, tones of music.

This is a list with the hottest hits on the planet right now. It contains everything, from pop to dance to rnb , from cheesy tunes and club anthems to some soul, rock tunes. It’s mainstream and club-ish. It’s soft and move-your-feet now. All of this together.

(I missed Olivia Rodrigo on the list, though she’s the biggest seller, as she seems too cheesy, girly, still passes unnoticed to my ears. I gotta say this cause she was meant to be on the list, but nah…)

Enjoy summer, enjoy hits and listen to this list really loud! Also, share it with your friends.