Back by dope demand!

Every now and then people ask me to what am I listening at this moment. It’s hard to describe as it’s not only a genre, not only some specific artists. To not make it more complicated, here are the beats I enjoy at the moment. This is an era where apart from the huge chart success of some pop global icons (to which i vomit to!), the greatest new musicians across the world keep makin’ beats, keep releasing great music, they hold the vibe on its’ top point and they produce the sound of the future neo soul, neo jazz, r’n’b. This is it!

I put together some new music, album tracks, beats that I like from the comeback of Saint Ettienne to Tyler, The Creator and from my favorite artist at the moment, Yebba, to the hot UK artist AJ Tracey.

This is JAM Hot mixtape volume 1. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!