He said it last year, that during the lockdown he has recorded a new album. More personal, out of his loneliness, out of what we are going through as a planet.

It seems that The Weeknd is unstoppable and after his latest collaborations with Maluma, Rosalia, Post Malone, Swedish House Mafia, FKA Twigs he decided to drop the album. “Dawn Fm” is another concept from one of the greatest artists of this era. He continues to grow, he sounds more electronic than ever before reminding us of an era (late 70s, early 80s) that has and always will have, a unique sound.

Watching the presentation of “Dawn Fm” on twitch this morning, his new persona, an old man vibing and dancing and playing music for the crowd, he reminded me only of one act: Giorgio Moroder. Having seen Giorgio in Athens, Greece about 2 1/2 years ago I can see the resemblance. I can see the whole act! It’s almost the same. Abel transforms himself to an elder person who still enjoys what he does for a living. And with the whole sound that “Dawn Fm” is bringing us, it is taken from another era with heavy synths and repeated beats influenced from Giorgio and all the synth disco dark years. “Take My Breath” which was the first single was the perfect example to present “Dawn Fm” (love the use of the extended mix on the album). And of course his previous collaborations with Daft Punk , are the sound of this whole album! Even “A Tale By Quincy” resembles “Giorgio By Moroder” (quite).

It’s really fun that the concept has a radio producer (Jim Carrey) on 103,5 Dawn Fm presenting some of the tracks. It’s a smooth transition and it’s really cool that The Weeknd supports radio with this act. Bravo!

“Dawn Fm” in general sounds like the continuity of “Save Your Tears” but more electronic, more deep into synths. More deep into the sound that Giorgio Moroder , once upon a time, introduced to humans. There are some really good singles on this one, like “Less Than Zero”, “How Do I Make You Love Me?”, “Out Of Time”. Of course he’s got some great collaborations with Tyler, The Creator, Lil Wayne and YES! Jim Carrey.

Listen to “Dawn Fm” here”