In case you forgot, it’s the first summer after 3 years, that we are living free again. In those past 2 Covid years, the world got so much stressed, isolated, so many things have happened and altered our way of thinking and living.

In music business, more and more Dance releases appear and most of them are too interesting to pass! Dancefloors are open again and people want to go out dancing till forever, they want to come together and release all the bad vibes that accumulated within. So, a positive groove force is in the air!

Beyonce has a new studio album release this summer, 6 years after “Lemonade”. And who’s a better artist than B queen to bring the whole vibe back? A few hours ago she dropped “Break My Soul”, a club summer banger, mixture of 90s filled house, piano riffs, repeated vocals, a house tempo that moves your feet and soul driving you straight away to the dancefloor (Jay Z appers as a co-writer). Listen below:

Of course Beyonce isn’t the only one bringing house music back! Drake dropped the previous week his album ‘Honestly, Nevermind’, collaborating once more with this years’ Best Dance/Electronic Album Grammy winner Black Coffee . That means that the underground black music breaks into the mainstream, as it always did (since I remember myself and since I started observing how the hits are breaking into the mainstream audience). Diplo tweeted about it:

Before all that, The Weeknd released ‘Dawn FM’, an electronic disco synth album and also headlined Coachella this year with Swedish House Mafia, an act that brought dance music back to the spotlight again. And now Beyonce drives the force!

Nu Disco, Disco House and Dance Anthems are back 100% , it was a genre that hasn’t been on charts for a long time, especially from big artists who took their artistry in another level. Most of them during Covid, released some really deep music, lowered the tempo to almost 80 – 95 bpm and everybody was laying low, till now! Only Kylie Minogue, Roisin Murphy and Jessie Ware delivered Nu Disco albums the last years, which in my opinion had a great impact on the whole music scene. And then, the Queen of Pop Madonna, is about to drop ‘Finally Enough Love’ this summer, a 50 Remixed Hits compilation, full of club bangers (that we all know and danced to, through decades). Well, Madonna is celebrating 40 years since “Everybody” got released, which isn’t another matter, it combines perfectly with the disco-bass-electronic-club sound that now is hotter than ever!

As far as Nu Disco is concerned, LF System released ‘Afraid To Feel’ and this tune is this summer’s European Club banger. Everybody loves it, every DJ has it already on their set!

Purple Disco Machine remixes Lizzo ‘About Damn Time’ and brings it straight to the dancefloor filled with warm bass and addictive disco beats.

Yes, every summer (pre-covid era) this is what’s happening, great club tunes get released. Only that this year feels different, the vibe is more soulful, the beats are addictive and the disco/club scene is booming again. And then Beyonce drops “Break My Soul”! Yeap, make this tune #No1 on the charts and bring back the whole vibe and culture, the world definitely needs it to release themselves from the agony and the stress of the past 2 years.