This is the summer of the return on the dancefloor. The beat is hot, there’s too much electronic music released, too many parties across the globe. What’s the hype? It’s Disco, it’s Disco House, it’s House music, it’s cheesy uptempo happy tunes. Everything that’s been missing the last years.

Summer of 2022 doesn’t have many hits to choose from, the charts do change in a slower mode than it was before, but of course the streaming services are booming, more to add to that, the TikTok ruins the whole vibe with many trending songs that don’t really last and more of them are shity releases just for the use of 15″ on the platform. So, we go back to the original way, the proper releases from the record companies, the huge hype of the return of Disco House and House music in general and those are the 40 dance hits to make your summer sound better!