Well  2014 is definitely a tear with lots of music releases. Many genres, many new artists, too many songs (90% of them sounding the same) and the return of Pop music back on the charts. Many new female artists that dominated the top spots of the charts have arroused or made a serious comeback. It was definitely the year of Pop music. Underneath it all, many types of dance music appeared and dissapeared the last decade. Also we saw the revival of some older genres. It happens slowly, but there is a revival of some 90s vibrations, especially the house , the more soulful, the danceable tunes. It’s like music’s going back on the dancefloor. How can we tell? Here are some examples of why the next year will have a more house feel in it. After pop (and with the RnB , Hip-Hop, Rock not changing the sound) it seems like it’s gonna be the year of dance/house music.

I think it started somewhere during 2013 , with this great dance tune that stayed on the underground, from Breach.

Disclosure are definitely here to stay. They’re a great duo of producers:

Kiesza brought life to a dance tune, with her super chorecography moves. Already a classic:

Gorgon City have a phat house sound:

Madonna returns with a song reminding us all the above singles. What does that mean? Isn’t Madonna the queen of Pop music? Well, at the end of 2014 she releases her new single with a house, dance appeal on it and we already know that she is a fan of Disclosure. She took all the new hot artists of the era like Avicci, Diplo, Disclosure, Mnek, Nicki Minaj and even more, for her new album. Either you like it or not, M is still one of the hottest names in the business and with the release of ‘Living For Love’ it seems like we’re gonna listen to many dance records this year. Hoping to sound good!

Still waiting for some male artists to appear on the scene , or even better some groups. It’s a female domination on the charts lately and there should appear some music ‘game’ changers.