IMG_20141001_110849Buyepongo is a classic story of friends coming together out of their passion for creating, learning, and playing music. From back yard barbecues to late night garage jam sessions. These friends found themselves improvising hours on end utilizing all their musical influences. So in-tuned with one another the idea of forming a band was a natural progression.

Growing up as young Latinos in Southern California, Buyepongo were not only exposed to the music of their culture, they were also exposed to music of the time. From sample driven underground hip-hop to classic reggae to jazz and funk. Buyepongo have explored many worlds of rhythm and sound. “It’s a heavy sound but without the distortion. It’s got a gritty beat but without the vinyl sample, it’s got that classic feel but with a modern twist”, states a loyal fan.

With deep roots in South and Central America, Buyepongo draw heavily from the Latino musical culture. Taking their cues from traditional “roots” music of Colombia, Haiti, Belize, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Buyepongo create a very vibrant polyrhythmic sound by seamlessly fusing merengue, punta, and cumbia. The group’s pulse and power is built around the drum and guacharaca (pronounced: wah cha rah ca) giving them an upbeat tropical flare.

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