Last night i was going through my records and fell upon one of my favorites from the 80s. I’ve listened to Arena from Duran Duran thousands of times, maybe it’s because it’s one of the first i ever bought and as a kid i always liked to listen to whole side A and then the whole side B. Well, if you’re part of the younger generation you probably don’t know what the hell i’m talking about, but that’s the way you listen to a record. You enjoy both sides equally, especially if it’s a great album. And ‘Arena’ is one of the greatest ever for pop music scene.

Duran Duran always amazed me with their sound, lyrics and as a radio producer i can say that i’ve played all their hits among the years on the radio. And some of their songs still sound so updated, years after their release. What i discovered last night listening to the record, is that ‘The Chauffeur’ is my favorite of all time. It’s got those strings that stick in your brain, Simon sings in perfect tune and it causes me a kind of sorrow that i like to put myself into. I think that apart from their hits, this is one of their greatest ever ever! Still gives me the chills after so many years. Listen to this live version that sounds awesome on the video below.