craig david

It was Christmas time in London. The year was 1999 and everybody was in a millenium fever. I was hanging around record shops, bars, pubs, clubs, almost everywhere to figure out what the London music scene was about. Almost everywhere there was a beat playing all the time. There was no shazam application back then, so the better thing to do is ask the man who run the record store to bring you this single. It was so simple!

What i was listening to was ‘Rewind’ by Craig David. The No.1 tune that was everywhere around the millenium. He delivered to the audience one of the best debut albums ever with ‘Born To Do It’. It was the beggining of an era that UK Garage scene came from the underground to become a massive pop culture.

This is the era i want to remember Craig David and on his comeback (though i’ve been listening to lots of bootlegs he made the last years and some had a great beat) here’s what happens ‘When The Bassline Drops’. He collaborates with Big Narstie and the outcome sounds awesome. Welcome back Craig.