Listening again and again to the latest dance hit ‘Ocean Drive’ by Duke Dumont i’m thinking that it would be a great idea with today’s elements and studio equipment to bring back a bit of Freestyle music back on charts. It had that catchy beat that put you in the mood to dance at once, easy lyrics, sing along songs. It was late ’80’s as i remember this genre having a great success on US charts with Stevie B making No.1 hits, Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam being one of the greatest pop acts at the time, George Lamond, Linear, Safire and many more acts that were shining back then in the club scene. In Europe these songs became mostly popular by the Italian Dj’s that were spinning these tunes on their sets. Also in Greece and Germany they had a big crossover on the radio. Shannon with ‘Let The Music Play’ was one of the first freestyle song and has made it to many Dj sets from then to now. It’s one of the greatest dance classics of this era.

Here are some of the greatest tunes under the Freestyle genre that was famous on the US Club scene late 80’s. Some records had massive success worldwide.