Fergie gets her M.I.L.F. $. Watch her new full-of-milf-celebrities video


Fergie is making her comeback claiming her ‘M.I.L.F. $’ as she says on her new single. She’s been teasing us for some time now with videos for her upcoming single and album and today here it is. Brand new Fegie (with a ‘Slippery When Wet’ t-shirt on the photo, a tiltle from Bon Jovi’s no.1 album from 1986).  She’s as sexy as it gets in her promos and here’s her new track.

So, that was it. A video clip full of celebrity milfs, from Ciara, to Kim, to Fergie herself. You should realize at some point that there’s a whole industry behind all this, selling everything they can to make more millions. How good is it for humanity to use pornstars in the music industry? And because “milf” is one of the top 3 searches for porn at the moment, they used it for their own success. Taking it a step further, people’s Internet activity created this one and yes, this collaboration will definitely make a whole lot of cash, or better m.i.l.f. money. Think, watch and you’d better think again and make some choices.


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