maxwell album

“I think what messes up a lot of pop artists after they’ve been down the road a bit is that the record becomes much more about their personal drama instead of the music. I’m not going to disrespect anyone’s hustle, but I’m not interested in being a celebrity. Today, you have people purposely marketing their personal life into their music. With me, you’re looking at a mom and pop store,” he laughs. “I need that spark that drives the music, but within that life I always want to create something that affects people emotionally and spiritually. At the end of the day that’s what enables me to become secondary to the experience of the music.” With sonic aspirations and priorities intact, and gathering many of the contributors on board for his previous albums, Maxwell says the ‘operative’ driving theme on the new album is ‘summer.’

Maxwell releases ‘black SUMMERS’ night’ on July 1st and it’s on our A list for the album releases for summer 2016. The first single ‘Lake By The Ocean’ is the tune of the week.