The game remains the same as in ‘Blurred Lines’ some years ago. It appears that the no.1 songs that stay too long on the top of the charts, attract nowadays more lawsuits than ever. Well, this is a US phenomenon in almost everything in the media and products companies, maybe they found a way to make money for years and years.

Collage group , who released ‘Young Girls’ back in 1983 make their own statement, saying that the ‘Uptown Funk’ producers, ripped their song and sounds all the same.

That’s why i put them back 2 back on my blog, so you can listen and decide for yourselves. The point here is, that yes, the guitar riff is a classic riff used for many decades on the upbeat funk songs and i can name a few from almost all the funk bands, alive or not. If you listen to James Brown riffs, you may listen to  JB’s playing it many times accross a song. In Prince’s discography also, it is used especially in the early albums and it appeared again in his 2K era. So, Collage may have actually also ‘stole’ that riff they’re using on their song ‘Young Girls’, from earlier recordings of that time.

As i’ve discussed many times with musician friends, the notes are 7. It appears that most of the combinations have been made throughout the years and there’s a small percent of that, that appeals on mainstream audience. So , most of the songs sound the same, because they’re supposed to do. There are other parts that make a difference and bring out the artistry each time.