After 3 years Kimbra decides to release her new single ‘Sweet Relief’ , out of her forthcoming third album. As I’ve read, she’s already in the studio and on a press release sent, following the single, she wrote:

‘Sweet Relief’ came from a season of experimentation where I took time to work with some upcoming artists and producers that I love. I’m a big fan of Redinho’s work. We made this track together in London. It highlights our shared love of warped funk and groove royals like Prince and Janet Jackson. For me, the song explores the push and pull of human desire for intimacy, the tension and power of touch, and a liberation of the senses. I’m about to start recording my third album, which is already going in new directions for me, but I really wanted to share this song before I embark on that new endeavor.

Prince for sure! i would say. From the first groove, you can easily understand the funk effect the artist has on this single. I could also compare it to the funk effect that Mick Jagger’s ‘Sweet Thing’ had on me, back in the day.

This is my tune of the week. Listen loud and let the groove move your body right.