TheWeeknd knows your #Secrets on the 80s inspired #TuneOfTheWeek . What does he sample?


‘Starboy’ is one of the greatest releases of 2016 , a mixture of pop, rnb, electronica, hip-hop and many other genres. The Weeknd is the ultimate pop star at this point (among others) and with hits like ‘Starboy’, ‘I feel it coming’, ‘False Alarm’, ‘Sidewalks’ etc… he’s got an album that almost sounds like a greatest hits compilation.

It was about time he released this particular single, called ‘Secrets’ (as i’ve noted here in a past ‘New Music Friday’ post), one of his perfect pop moments. He uses a music sample from Tears For Fears ‘Pale Shelter’ and another classic on the chorus, from The Romantics ‘Talking In Your Sleep’ , almost like a 2 in 1 song, with a summer vibe (and a perfect reference to the 80s sound).

Turn the volume up and enjoy it loud (video also looks awesome!)

Listen below and discover the original tunes that he uses samples from:

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