12hot tunes

As we get closer to summertime, more and more new singles appear to be this year’s hits. Different genres, different styles and some of the greatest artists release new music. It’s an interesting year with many great tunes to listen to and for sure, some of the greatest hits of 2018 have yet to be released. Check out below 12 hot tunes for your summer pleasure. You’ll definitely find one song to get stuck in your mind, play it on your playlist, spotify, youtube, download it, buy it or wherever you choose to listen to music.

Florence + The Machine “Hunger”

Florence makes a comeback with a new album and “Hunger”, which is the second single released, seems to be, from first play, one of the greatest tunes of 2018. Enjoy this unexpected great tune loud!


George Ezra “Saviour”

I really like Ezra’s music. It’s full of melodies, ‘Paradise’ is already one of my favorites, and yet he releases another single from his album, collaborating with First Aid Kit.


Ben Howard “Nica Libres At Dusk”

Ben who received a Brit Award for Best Male Solo Artist , back in 2013 , releases his new album June 1st and his first tune is so satisfying goooooood!


David Guetta & Sia “Flames”

At the point where i don’t like Guetta’s releases any more, he surprises with Sia once again on vocals. “Flames” is a great pop tune and moreover this tune exists on this list because of the Kill Bill (and retro karate movies) influenced video. And also, Danny Trejo is starring! So…


Duke Dumont, Ebeneezer “Inhale”

I liked Duke Dumont’s music since day 1. He is ‘the giver’ as far as great beats are concernced and his comeback with ‘Inhale’ is definitely on my summer playlist. Hope yours too!


Husky feat. Shyam P “Lost Without U”

Husky release this brilliand summerish vibe, that’s taken straight out the speakers of a beach bar. Sun is shining and you’re listening to that tune while on the beach. Smells like summer already. Lost without you…


The Face vs. Mark Brown “Needin’ U” (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

It’s been 20 years since David Morales released “Needin’ U”, a dance classic banger. Mark Brown revisited it some years ago and now Dimitris From Paris delivers this hot-disco-beats tune, that’s definitely on my DJ set for 2018 (and maybe more). Great feel on the dancefloor. It made its’ premiere on Mixmag.


Human Movement “Run It By Me”

Defected is the record company that releases the best house tunes in the world and everybody knows how it feels dancing at the club listening late night to these mixes. Last year it was ‘Cola’. This year it appears that house has more melody in it and you can catch the vibe below from Human Movement.


Khalid & Normani “Love Lies”

From the soundtrack of the movie ‘Love, Simon’ , there is a duet that i love listening to, especially if it comes from Khalid, with his unique style. ‘Love Lies’ seems to be a great pop tune from a soundtrack.


Liam Payne & J.Balvin “Familiar”

Family-Family-Family-Family-ya or A milli-A milli-A milli…. Every summer has a catchy cheesy pop tune that ladies love to dance and this collaboration between ex-1Direction Liam Payne and the latin-infused hitmaker J.Balvin is definitely one of them.


Labrinth, Sia, Diplo (LSD) “Genius”

The video for the tune below might take you back in time to the Beatles era, with their LSD movies and videos making an impact to their fans. It’s a collaboration that we didn’t expect between Labrinth, (the voice) Sia, and the Major Lazer brain (and also a brain behind some of the greatest beats of the last decade) Diplo. LSD release ‘Genius’ and to be honest they got a great marketing company behind it (social media are on fire baby!)  After one, two listens this tune gets stuck in ur mind. LSD anyone?


Princess Nokia “Soul Train”

Destiny Frasqueri known as Princess Nokia just released her new album. She gains fans all accross the world but i’d like to take it back into time, not minding that it’s new music Friday. This absolute banger should get a proper release at some point and get played everywhere. It’s all full of summer vibes! I’m talking about the disco-sample-filled ‘Soul Train’, taken out ot the her self-released mixtape Honeysuckle back in 2015. Enjoy it loud! Freak Freak y’all…


Wanna grab some of the tunes on a Spotify playlist? Check it out below: