“Things gonna be alright, things gonna be just fine”!

Jain has the summer tune that fills you with pure joy and with that optimistic point of view, summer of 2018 feels alright.

Jain is 26 yo , coming from France, but moving around, at young ages, around the world makes her music so special. You can listen to her influences through the melodies she provides each time (remember “Makeba”?). As she says: “I like to be spontaneous when I make music. I begin with beats or drums, because that’s what moves me and if I find a sound that reminds me of traditional music I’ll use it, whether it’s Arabic, Indian, African or European. I like to mix styles and cultures, to get lost in a big mess of music. Then I add lyrics about whatever’s in my mind at the time.”

Her latest single “Alright” provides the right jam for the summer of 2018, delivering this joy and freshness. Enjoy it loud, this is the tune of the week.