totw theophilus

How about going back to the ’80s? How would that feel? I grew up to this decade and have all the music still playing in my mind! This collaboration between Theophilus London and the fabulous Kevin Parker aka Tame Impala, under the label My Bebey Records, is a synth filled, 80s feel, disco tune. “Only You” has all the attitude of a white label 12″ record, reminiscing a bit of the italo-disco era. Sounds like the underground record you would find on a record shop and go out and play it on your dj set, in a local disco. Love the sound, love Theophilus’ performance on the track and i’m waiting for the album to drop. Till then… there’s a mixtape for all of us to download on

“Only You” is the tune of the week and you can get in the mood (or get in the groove) by listening to the track below and watching this videotape-themed video.