totw rosalia

Rosalía Vila Tobella (born 25 September 1993), known as Rosalía, is a Spanish singer and actress from Catalonia, Spain. Known for her modern interpretations of flamenco music, Rosalía crossed the Spanish boundaries after receiving praise from international influencers and after several collaborations with artists such as J Balvin and Pharrell Williams. (from wikipedia)

To be honest with you, i saw her at this year’s MTV EMA and at that point is when it HIT me! Her voice is unique, her style too. On ‘Malamente’ (the word in English means ‘badly’), the mix of hand clap with those smooth synths playing in the background, this flamengo feeling and her voice which is aerial and strong too, made me lose my mind! I think that Rosalía is definitely coming strong this year and we’re gonna listen lots of her in 2019!

My tune of the week is ‘Malamente’. Listen to it below and also watch her amazing performance from MTV EMA, where she left everyone with an open mouth! Even the superstars of the night were amazed from her dancing moves and the stage presence (have a look at 02:47 where she urges the crowd)! She was performing in her country, so the outcome was all hers. The crowd knew the lyrics, sang along to the tune and it just looked like it was her show. Maybe it was…


Here’s the original clip … and Rosalía is so sexy!