“In The Beginning There Was Jack and Jack had a Groove”…  The House Music Gospel, The Preacher’s Anthem are just a few of the descriptions given to the now famous speech.  Fans of House, Dance and other genres of music for that matter can most certainly finish the rest of the verse that Chuck Roberts “the original voice of House Music” , so eloquently spoke on one of House Music’s most defining recordings. This is evident by the Tens of Millions of YouTube plays and this does not even include terrestrial and satellite radio. This is proof of the power of those spoken words.

When: The year 1987
Who: “Jack” aka Chuck Roberts
Where: A heavenly studio on the West side of Chicago
What: Jack explained to his people spoken in a godly voice straight from the House Book of Genesis in omniscient detail of how house music was born and the impact on it has on your body and soul. Then Jack disappeared back into the heavens only to be heard all over the world but never seen. For you see in Jack’s realm there is no time.  

Listen to the original track below.

2018 has proved to be a very special year as it’s the 30th anniversary of the iconic recording “My House” as a result Chuck is now a member of the Ultra Music Recording family and has released a new rendition of his famous speech entitled:  “In The Beginning” featuring Monique Bingham.

This is my choice! This is the tune of the week! Go ahead and blow up your speakers! Let’s dance again, cause “… House is an uncontrollable desire to jack your body.”

The lyrics are below: