So Mark Ronson is set to release his fifth album and this is his comeback tune. He collaborates for the first time with Miley Cyrus. 

As he said the previous day on an interview on Graham Norton show:

“The new album is probably gonna be out on March and it’s called ‘Late Night Feelings’. I call the album basically sad bangers, like songs that make you dance but they have a little bit of emotion like melancholy so… late night feelings is just things that you think of at night. That made no sense so…” 

“Nothing Breaks Like The Heart” combines different structures into this pop tune. It’s got great string arrangement combining ‘country style’ vocals from Miley, a guitar playing smooth on the background and a beat that makes you wanna move! It’s like a an experiment for mr. Ronson. And we like those kind of experiments in music.

This is my choice for the tune of the week (probably the last for 2018, unless something interesting pops out… we’ll see bout that!) 

The video is a short-film worth watching. I leave you to it. Watch more closely and you’ll get the point.