With a Grammy nomination, one of the best dancefloor tunes of 2018 (“Losing It”), Fisher is back with the perfect house summer 2019 banger. “You Little Beauty” is the latest release on his label (Catch & Release). The Australian producer uses a heavy bassline, lazers, synths and some dirty vocals (taken from the multi-sampled song “Love Sensation” from the disco icon & house legend, Loleatta Holloway).

In a recent interview on Zane Lowe’s show on Beats 1, he said:

“You little beauty is basically what we always say on Gold Coast is when everyone’s going mad, or having fun, or doing something goofy – you just say ‘you little beauty’. I basically just made that song and I thought, what can I call it? And I thought, ‘You Little Beauty’! The vocal itself is so amazing! All I wanted to do was just put my FISHER charm to it, really, and I just wanted to make a big old bass line, put some hats and a good old kick, and away we went.”

This is the last Tune of the week! Turn your speakers up, really loud, and enjoy the pumping feeling of “You Little Beauty” by Fisher.

That’s all folks! The ‘Tune Of The Week’ is taking some rest at this point. Thank you all so much, for your interest and the good times and music. I tried to share the best i could for all of you, that enjoy reading my blog. There will be more to come in the future… Till then… Have a wonderful summertime and don’t forget to listen to the music. It leads you to paths you’ve never been. Be inspired by music, dance as often as you can, have a listening session with your friends… or alone at home (or maybe at a beach). Enjoy your life to the maximum, there’s no other. This is the only one we got!