He is just 17 years old, but his music sounds as mature as in his 30s. Ruel Vincent van Dijk (born 29 October 2002), known mononymously as Ruel, is an British-Australian singer and songwriter from Sydney.

His new EP , is called “Bright Lights, Red Eyes” and is set for release on October 23rd. As he says in an interview at Coup De Main magazine: “ I want to get across that this project is another step forward in maturity for me. FREE TIME was a step up from READY, and this BRIGHT LIGHTS, RED EYES EP is a step up again. This project was a stream of consciousness when i was writing it at the time and i feel like that’s the way all projects and songs are for me. They are moments in time. This project isn’t who i am right now, as i wrote these songs last year, but it’s the most mature you’ve ever heard me and it was me, in that moment in time. “

Watch the 70s inspired video below of the Tune Of The Week and enjoy this sentimental sound of Ruel.