Robert Grace is an artist, songwriter & producer from Kilkenny, Ireland. He was discovered through the Tik Tok platform, that he’s been using for some time. Using his own issues with mental health (after a series of troubles that occured to him), he delivers ‘Fake Fine‘, a cheesy (if i might write that) tune, cheerful in the tone, radio friendly, which also contains some great lyrics, describing a human situtation at many levels:

Bad luck if you’re someone like me
Got your head above water, but you still can’t even breathe
It’s a pandemic, it’s a fucking disease
And it’s following me

You hide your problems at the bottom of the bottle
You forget it all tonight, but it’s just twice as bad tomorrow
‘Cause when you’re sober, you just wanna stay at home
But all your friends they call you up
And they convince you to go out again


It’s like a movie
It’s not the real me
Oh, maybe next time
But for now, I’ll pretend that I am fake fine

On the video a family chooses for the son to enter a happiness institute. It’s a mini movie which i really hope doesn’t predict the future of humanity.

Turn up the volume and enjoy the Tune Of The Week from the great Irish newcomer Robert Grace and pretend that you are “Fake Fine”.