Don’t “Wonder” any more! The Tune Of The Week is the new Shawn Mendes single.

Shawn Mendes, the Canadian 22 year old superstar makes his comeback with “Wonder”. After quarantine and lots of hours and days writing new music it’s about time he releases his new pop masterpiece. His new album is also named “Wonder”, set for release on December 4th, and he revealed it with a new tattoo on his arm, some time ago!

The song is a power pop ballad (reminding me a little bit of ‘Sign Of The Times’ by Harry Styles). It’s got a great music arrangement and you can better tell as the single reaches to the height of its’ progression. Of course the lyrics are all about love. Wondering about love! This tune is as radio friendly as it gets and probably one of the greatest pop comeback tunes of the season. Listen to “Wonder” , the tune of the week and watch the cinematic video , which premiered on youtube just some days ago and already has some million views across the globe.

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