Kylie’s comeback album ‘Disco’ is about to get released soon and we’ve almost seen the making of it. With the news during quarantine in April, that Kylie Minogue took lessons of ‘how to record at home’ and the disco vibes she promised to give to the world, we are a bit excited that she is back at the charts.

Analyzing it a bit, it’s a year where everything’s changed in music industry. It’s been quite a while, that strong efforts are made for the disco house scene to make a comeback. And since 2019 many pop disco releases showed up to be too successful. And their remixes? Disco House. The feel? Pure pop , or pure pop disco or (takin’ it further) the reincarnation of the pop 80s era. The sound that made pop what it is today. The more original form of pop music, with all the glitter and the pose in it. Dua Lipa, Jessie Ware, Roisin Murphy, Miley Cyrus are some of the greatest names that brought back to the ‘game’ this feel. And now, Kylie Minogue, who is an original Pop icon, having started her career and fame in the 80s, makes the comeback album. ‘Disco’.

In the title’s question, is Kylie still relevant to pop-disco , i guess you already know the answer. She probably is the best representative of this era that makes a huge comeback on the charts worldwide and definitely the whole scene needs some originality in it.

Her latest single ‘Magic’ has all the ingredients to put you in a better mood. It’s groovy, funky with horn and string arrangement and a hook to get you to the disco-ball dancefloor. As the critics write, it’s happiness all over. And at these times of 2020, the world needs tunes like this. People need to listen to music that predicts something better for their reality.

This is the joyful comeback for Kylie Minogue. ‘Magic’ is the Tune Of The Week.