Michelle, Paul and Ryan bring you sexy, dreamy, drenched-in-melody groove (as their twitter account says and it’s definitely on point). These are the Cannons from L.A. and their EP “Shadows” that was released in September, puts you in an indie, electro, disco boogie, nu disco mood. All of these together combined with the aethereal voice of the lead singer Michelle Joy.

As they say in an interview for DigitalJournal , “Fire For You” is a song about getting your heart ripped out and finding a sense of closure. We hope that people are able to relate to the lyrical content and not feel alone during such difficult times. The music for the song came about very organically while the lyrics were channeled through a difficult relationship that Michelle was enduring at the time.”

Loving this style of music and being a Daft Punk fan since forever, you can recognize their single “Something About Us” on this release. Sexy beats, great groove, bassline and a feel to make you move your body to the rhythm and sing along.

“Quarantine has been strange, difficult at times, but we don’t have much to complain about,” they said. “We feel like we have a lot to be grateful for and that we’ve been able to keep writing and pushing forward.”

Turn the volume up and enjoy the tune of the week from Cannons. This tune has has also topped the TV songs during summer, as it is heard on Never Have I Ever the Netflix TV series.