2020 has also been a tough year in music industry. Everything that was scheduled for 2020 had to be dropped. Everything that anyone was thinking last winter had to be put on hold or totally rearranged. No music venues, no dj sets, no live shows, no festivals. That means no promotion in physical form of music.

Everything that happened in 2020 was almost virtual. All the promotion went through the social media channels, there was no other way to do it. It’s been tough, it’s been rough, it’s been awkward. All the companies and artists had to focus and do everything for their followers. And of course reach new ones. All the money of the industry went into this kind of advertisment. Any way anyone could do it!

But though all these sh!t that we had to go through, this year had some excellent tunes. The hits came out of the social media, TikTok played its’ part (as it is the kids playground nowadays). Imagine that in an unusual way, “Dreams” from Fleetwood Mac re-entered the charts worldwide and now all the young kids know the tune. Also we had new artists that went viral. And we have some of the music legends that became viral too!

I made a list that contains 60 of the best tunes that I heard in 2020. Most of them are huge hits in the charts, they will be played for the years to come. Some other songs are gems that were released throughout the year and are worth listening to. 2020 had POPular music lead the way and seems logical. Disco pop music had some great times with many albums released that got influenced by that era or the artists wanted to bring that kind of joy to people. The Weeknd is the greatest artist of 2020 with ‘Blinding Lights’ being the biggest charted hit of the year, but also a song loved by many (despite their music preferences). And also that kind of success was dropped by the Grammys!!! (but it’s 2020, right?)

So here’s the Spotify list i made. Enjoy it loud! 60 Best Tunes of 2020. I’m wishing for great music to be released in the new year and let’s all hope that we’ll soon get out of the virtual world and live together again, united and in person.