Nobody knew her. But her song blew up on TikTok during summer with more than 5.7 million views. After that, she claims her voice, her own tune and releases it reaching the No.1 spot on Global Shazam chart. Googling her, i found out she appeared on ‘The Voice’ in 2018.

Presenting Fousheé with a 2020 smash hit “Deep End” that now has a proper mainsteam remix from Rompasso and is ready to be played on every radio station accross the world. So, is this the last 2020 huge hit or is it the first for 2021? Time will tell , i guess.

This is the Tune Of The Week. Turn the volume up and enjoy!

From her Fader interview:

“When I said that I was mostly referring to the feedback I was getting in the comment section before making that viral TikTok video. There was a lot of misinformation going around. People were popping up with alternate versions using my sample and claiming to be the original. There were a lot of confused people who didn’t know it was me and people who didn’t believe it. After I made the video on TikTok, the majority of people believed me but there were still doubters. For the most part, TikTok went above and beyond in fighting for me to get my flowers.”

Here’s the original version of the tune of the week from Fousheé.