We’ve been waiting a long time for this release! Bruno Mars & Anderson. Paak , as Silk Sonic, have their album out and the whole world is finally listening and spending “An Evening With Silk Sonic”.

When they released “Leave The Door Open” on March 2021, they blew our mind with that 70s soul, funk inspired ballad. When it went to No.1 on Billboard charts the world was expecting an album. This group consisting of Bruno Mars , Anderson. Paak with the help of D’Mile and the legendary Bootsy Collins have 9 tracks on the album that will definitely take you back in time. It’s soul, it’s funk, it’s super-bad, soft, smooth and full of energy on other tracks. Well, 9 tracks is the model that Bruno used also to his “24K Magic” release. We wanted more, but it got us listening on repeat. Yeap, it is what we expected to listen to . This album is already a masterpiece.

“Silk Sonic Intro” is one of the first singles released that has all the album elements in it. An intro like no other, we’re not used to listening to these intros nowadays, comes to present to us (through Bootsy’s voice) Silk Sonic.

“Leave The Door Open” is that #No1 ballad that is already a future classic. A tune that stands among the greatest soul ballads and stands somewhere between Boyz II Men, The Temptations and the Gap Band.

“Fly As Me” is bass driven funk , full of rapping lyrics from Anderson. Paak to put you in the mood! Horns get stuck in your head!

“After Last Night” with Thundercat & Bootsy Collins , reminds me of “I’d rather be with you” arrangemenet. It’s that sexy smooth tune you wanna dedicate to the lady you met on your latest one night stand! (it’s a favorite for me)

“Smoking Out The Window” released as the third single from the album is a mid tempo tune about a wrong relationship. Man is left alone, after meeting the wrong woman and it’s a cool story to listen and dance to! The video is too funny as they both use their acting talent. (watch below)

“Put On A Smile” is a classic. It’s so smooth, it’s full of soul with guitar background and a perfect vocal arrangement.

“777” is too funky. Yeap, the essence of Silk Sonic is here. The energy of Bruno and Anderson is floating through this tune. Horns, drums, screams, funk all around. It’s about a winning night in Las Vegas. Lucky 777 made this happen.

“Skate” is the second single released from the album and it’s a summer anthem , happy tune to dance to. Bruno’s percussions sound too good!

“Blast Off” is the last tune of the album. Another ballad here, silky and smooth. And unfortunately the album finishes. Let’s play it on repeat. 🙂

Nobody knows if there are any plans for Silk Sonic to tour in the near future but they sure delivered an album which deserves to hit the No.1 spot. It’s not a concept, in my ears it’s consisting of the best that Bruno Mars and Anderson. Paak can deliver. This super-duo took all their ideas and put them on an album , their voices sound soooo good together and their energy flows along every track. Definitely it brings back an era lost from today’s music releases, lost somehow decades ago. But now, it’s found the right path and hopefully we’ll listen to more of this in the near future either from older artists who’ll make a comeback or newer artists who will need to express themselves through this era. Why not be the new era!

The video singles already released from “An Evening With Silk Sonic” , can be found below.