2022 was an incredible year in music! Here’s a playlist with 100 songs that defined it.

Think about it, it was the first “proper” year after the pandemic that everything went back to normal (if we can use that phrase)! Many artists spent too much time in the studio during the pandemic so the releases crashed the whole system in 2022. Many comebacks from the superstars, some great new artist discoveries and many (i mean many!!!) interesting album tracks that were never meant to be released as singles, but musically or lyrically or both, were great music delivery. And among that we were running up that hill with Kate Bush, wasn’t that a stranger thing to happen!

I’m not gonna get into names and acts, though it was truly a Pop year if you imagine the success Harry Styles, The Weeknd, Beyonce, Taylor Swift had and in general too much dance music got released, people weren’t afraid to feel since the clubs opened the past summer, and too many genres in dance music made a comeback with some to splash more music into 2023 as it seems. Rock and alternative had some great times too, the festivals went crazy through summer and hip-hop brought some heavy old school vibes back and an album that Mr. Morale had the big steppers with (thank you Kendrick Lamar for that release).

It’s all in the list. 100 songs from 2022. 100 tunes that defined the year, hits, chart-breakers, album tracks, dance and house tunes that we danced. Enjoy it loud!