Miley Cyrus has one of 2023’s biggest hits with “Flowers”. Yes, it’s a nice mid tempo tune empowering women all over the world, who just broke up or who need some inspiration in life on living alone. But…

Too much expectation and anticipation got us hooked to listening to her new release “Endless Summer Vacation”. Maybe because of her “Flowers” reign the hopes were on a high level.

The album is out today and I just played it a couple of times. And it was exactly this, a great background noise with no high points in it. The whole album production is not good, the sound is very dull, the mastering fails to point out the music as it should sound, it’s muddy. I thought that Miley would deliver a clear, robust sounding powerful album. Mainly its’ sound is more of country Pop, lay down tunes, chilling, feeling kinda bored!

“Flowers” is the best album song, that’s probably why it got released two months ago. Don’t think there will be another No.1 tune out of her ‘Vacation’, though there are a few more good radio friendly tunes in here. Her greatest tune comes to the end of the listening session, it’s the powerful ballad “Wonder Woman”. That’s a good performance! The other good point here is “Rose Colored Lenses”, which sounds more close to a Tame Impala tune. Also “Violet Chemistry” is a nice tune and stands out better than her Brandi Carlisle and Sia collaboration.

On the other hand, Miley Cyrus made great progress on her music the latest decade. Hopefully her next release will have the power that’s missing on this one.