Channel Tres was born in Compton, California, his real name is Sheldon Young.

I first listened to Channel Tres when he released “Controller”. So I started following his music and what he did. Then “Sexy Black Timberlake” came to my attention and I got really stuck with his rhythm on his first EP. I was also spinning “Topdown” on my DJ sets, the vibe was so smooth! It was a hot record back in 2019.

Then after his first EPs, there are so many collaborations he did that were truly top of the game, even if they didn’t chart on top 10, they were pure club bangers. And I’m referring to ‘Alter Ego’ with Duke Dumont, the “Fuego” single with Tyler, The Creator from his 2020 EP, his feature on Polo & Pan “Tunnel” (what a tune!!!). Last year i had his “Acid In My Blodd” release on most of my playlists on Spotify , was really looking forward for the next release.

And then “Just Can’t Get Enough” got released, using a sample from Teddy Pendergrass and that got me thinking that this dude got some serious sound. Worldwide success for Channel Tres is just around the corner, watched his amazing live performance on Coachella and I’m sure that 2023 is gonna be really big.

I mean, the sound. A blend of acid house, rap, heavy basslines, hot grooves, phat synths. It’s a full production and you can listen to his new EP “Real Cultural Shit” to get the whole vibe. “6am” is the first single out of his EP , but all the singles are so hot as you dropped some hot sauce on the music!

This sound presented by Channel Tres, of course is a blend of culture, of his culture which brings a different meaning to the dancefloor. The whole vibe is almost a new sound , while reminiscing too. I just can’t get enough, really looking forward to an album, really looking forward for this man to become an icon for the music world, but I think he already is, bringing this hot vibe in 2023. Yeap, already a fan here!

This is his video for “6 am”. We ain’t leaving …