This weeks’ #TuneOfTheWeek is #24kmagic from Bruno Mars. A great comeback!


That Hawaiian dude is back and his energy spreads globally. Bruno Mars winner of 65 music awards, till now, returns with a disco funk flavored single called ’24k magic’. Listening to it from the very beggining you understand where influence comes from, as you can recognize similarities with songs from Zapp & Roger, The Gap Band, Kool & The Gang, just to name a few. That is the best part of it! Make music to entertain people of all ages, either they are young fans listening to that music for the first time, or older fans recognising the similarities with the late 70s and early 80s. The clue and the outcome is: Dance, Have Fun!

There are many points to notice on a huge hit like this and what comes in mind, is at the 47″ of the song (watch vide) where you can hear him go ‘praaahhh’ imitating or making a ridicule of this year’s ‘Panda’ success. This is ’24k magic’, enjoy it loud! It’s the tune of the week.


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