All media are talking about the great documentary that George Michael was working on and is ready for the world to watch. The ‘Freedom’ film is about the ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1’ era and it shows the artistry of the great superstar, with many of his friends talking about him and his music. The album ‘Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1’ will get re-released on a 4-cd boxset , with additional demo and also his MTV Unplugged appearance.

But… ‘Fantasy’ was the single that was released about a month ago, been produced from Nile Rodgers, who put so much groove in it, that it sounds as fresh as it gets (‘Fantasy’ is a George Michael single, first released as a B-side on 7″ in 1990).

Today, ‘Fantasy’ has a video.

Watching it, it’s a greatest hits video collection from most of GM’s clips, full of his greatest poses, dance moves and it’s so well-made and synced that you actually ‘listen’ to GM singing the song. It’s just amazing how they combined his artistry in a new video and watching it you get the impression, or illusion i may say, that the man is still alive!

It’s just a ‘Fantasy’. Watch it below and enjoy.