House music hasn’t had lots of hits lately, with the changes that are happening in dance music, because of the new EDM sound, or trap, or pop, or whatever you wanna call it. But… there is a DJ  & producer who’s had my attention the last years and everyone around that enjoys the house music scene and true beats that move the body.

Purple’s sound is so soulful, so funked up that gets into your brain immediately and drives you straight to the dancefloor. Either it’s a remix (on Jamiroquai, Gorillaz etc) or his own tunes. His album ‘Soulmatic’ is already out and features CeeLo Green, Faithless, Karen Harding, Hannah Williams and many more artists.

This summer’s anthem was ‘Body Funk’ a heavy-funk-house tune that drove everyone crazy in the club. About 2 months ago, another single dropped and at the first note that the sample of ‘Judy Clay & William Bell – Private Number‘ is heard, you realize that this is not your average record to play. It’s THE record and definitely turns out to be one of the greatest house tunes that hit the mainstream within 2017. Joe Killington and Duane Harden are feaured on ‘Devil In Me’ and it gets as soulful as it gets.

Turn the volume up & enjoy the tune of the week.


Also… the master, Fatboy Slim, touched one of the best house tunes of 2017 and his remix took the this to a whole new level. Put it on your DJ set and you’ll see the crowd’s reaction the minute you press play!