The 63 year-old Robert Finley has teamed up with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys for his sophomore album Goin’ Platinum!

When you’ve been making music for as long as Robert Finley has, you know that the key to success is in your instincts. You learn to trust your gut, you learn to trust your ear, and most of all, you learn to trust your company. Fortunately for us, here in 2017 Mr. Finley has all three in spades.

“I realized very quickly Robert’s capable of doing so much more than old blues songs,” Auerbach says. “He could do a wide range of things very easily. He’s a blues guitar player, but when he puts his guitar down, you could set him in front of an orchestra and he would sing just as good as Ray Charles on the first take. He has that magnetic hugeness about his voice and just knows where to put it in the pocket, always.” (from

His album ‘Goin’ Platinum! is out December 8th and we can’t wait to listen to this blues-funk-rock oriented sound. From the first single ‘Medicine Woman‘ the anticipation grows and it’s definitely on our playlists for winter 2017-18.

Turn the volume up and enjoy the tune of the week from mr. Robert Finley.