That was the most unexpected comeback for 2017! Pharrell meets his old gang , Chad Hugo and Shay Hayley, and N*E*R*D made it back, when you thought Pharrell was becoming too mainstream. Those beats are easily recognizable from the Neptunes family and the first tune is too bouncy! Like it’s what the dancefloor needed at this point that hip-hop scene may be #No1 on the charts, but with a different sound that is describing a new era of artists, cheesy and meaningless most of the times in their lyrics.

But…. “the truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off” as Pharrell says at the intro of “Lemon“, the new N*E*R*D single. How to get it into the mainstream immediately? Throw Rihanna at it, doing something she’s never done before. Rap! And she did it… and she sounds dirtier. How couldn’t she be? It’s those dirty, bounce, bass-y beats that you can put on repeat and dance all day-night long!

As far as the woman on the video who dances her ass off, is Mette Towley, working with Pharrell along the way. As she said in a recent interview, she did’t have a problem at all that Rihanna shaved her head. After all, it’s RiRi doing that! She felt too comfortable with it. Watch her on the crazy moves, on the video below for ‘Lemon’.

This is the tune of the week, definitely one of the craziest and great dance tracks of 2017. Turn the volume up and …. bounce! N*E*R*D ARE BACK!