Intro goes:

I say hi, you say hi
We stay high
You look so pretty, yeah

Swedish singer and producer Tove Lo is back with a hot, sexy banger. “Disco Tits” is the first single from her just-released third studio album ‘Blue Lips‘ [lady wood phase II, as she says]. This electro synth-pop tune, is full of disco references with a great beat, bassline and Tove Lo singing on it, sexy as f*** as i write on the title.

The sexy lyrics that she sings “I’m sweat from head to toe, I’m wet through all my clothes, I’m fully charged, nipples are hard, Ready to go…” make her even more sexy, looking at her hard nipples on the video! Looks like her comeback is based on creating this atmosphere (but also, have a second thought on that) and remember that ‘stay high’ (the phrase which is repeated all over this tune) was the single that introduced her to the world back in 2013.

Directed by Tim Erem, on the video she is being interviewed by a puppet, who afterwards takes a ride with and under some ecstasy pill effects, they go out, eat, dance, lick each other, fuck,  get high even more! That’s probably a great night out with someone you met on an one night stand. You can also listen to their dialogue with many references to the US culture that Tove Lo (and definitely lots of people) just don’t approve of.

“Disco Tits” is the tune of the week, from the sexy 30 yo Tove Lo. Have a listen and watch the video below.

Below is the performance from ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’:

If you need a remix to play it on your sets, here you are: