The comeback of the 28 year old singer, delivers one of the best albums of 2018. His voice, his sound, this retro feeling he delivers, the lyrics, it’s everything about it, a “Good Thing”, as the title says. Leon Bridges has several tunes that come out as singles, but to be honest, this is an album to listen to entirely.

I choose ‘Bad Bad News‘ as the tune of the week, because it’s so jazzy and smooth! It reminds me of summertime back in the day, when i was listening to soul music, or better some soulful house music with jazz strings all over it. Smooth as the summer breeze! Moreover after i listened to the remix of the song, they call it ‘Ricky’s Vibe Tape’ featuring Terrace Martin on the saxophone, instead of lyrics, i know i definitely found my summer soundtrack. (listen below)

Watch the video with the plus-sized model Paloma Elsesser , dancing on subway and the streets of New York. It’s more of a theatrical act with feelings descibed through body movement.