Kassin returns with his peculiar humor, in songs that make clear his affiliation with the most electronic black music of the years 80, mediated by doses of Brazilian sensitivity, channeling Marcos Valle and João Donato. He is a hugely influential musician in Brazil and has been a member of Los Hermanos.

The Tune Of The Week is “Relax” and it’s a retro-disco rhythm with lots of synths and a brass recording you can’t avoid dancing to. It’s funny that this video is made copying scenes from video-clips of another era, used some retro visuals and scattered glitter in the air, as Jackson 5 do on “Can you feel it”.

As he is writing, on the info section of his youtube video for “Relax”:

This song was my way to pay tribute to a dear friend of mine who passed away, Lincoln Olivetti, he was the Brazilian Quincy Jones, a huge and influential producer and arranger. During 80’s he was the king. I bought his LP with Robson Jorge ( a Brazilian classic ) when I was 8 and became obsessed by his music, we became close friends and did a lot of work and new music together ( even an unfinished album with his new songs , that I will try to finish soon ). I did this song trying to emulate his vibe and arrangements. – Kassin

Relax and enjoy the tune of the week , loud! This is a definite summer 2018 tune.