Gorillaz are back & ‘Humility’ is the #TuneOfTheWeek


Gorillaz are back for Summer 2018 with the album ‘The Now Now’ , set for release by the end of June. Their first single has a summerish sound, so sweet, so groovy! And of course it is, as they collaborated with George Benson who gives, with his guitar riffs, a feel of some ‘Breezin’ to their new tune called ‘Humility’. On the video Jack Black has his part ‘playing the guitar’, as other stuff are happening around him and many others have their parts, rollerskating, playing chess, basketball… Most of all i noticed the great graffiti of George Benson on the basketball courtyard. Enjoy the unique style that Damon Albarn brings once again! Definitely waiting for the album to drop.

In their lyrics Gorillaz are “Calling the world from isolation
‘Cause right now, that’s the ball where we be chained”.

Have a listen to “Humility”, loud enough to get in the mood… that’s the tune of the week!


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